Board of Directors


Bradley White

President Elect

Sarah Joseph Desai

Immediate Past President

Jason Mills


Michelle Crandall Dansby


John Pearson

Regional Directors

Region I Director

Lyndsay Gormley

Region II Director

Abigayle Campbell

Region III Director

Laura Holden

Region IV Director

Jenna Swindler

Region V Director

Jason S. Haney

Junior Board Members

Junior Board Member

Daijah Davis

Junior Board Member

Linh Hazard

Junior Board Member

Anna Phillips

Junior Board Member

Drew Sauck

ASHP Delegates

ASHP Delegate

Carolyn Magee Bell

ASHP Delegate

Sarah Joseph Desai

ASHP Delegate

Natasha Nicol

ASHP Delegate

Jennifer Erin Thompson

Responsibilities of Board Members

The overall purpose and mission of the Regional Board Members is to provide an increased representation of health-system members to the SCSHP Board of Directors. Key activities include communication between members and Board, feedback to Board, input in all Board issues, development of society membership, membership regulation and input and recommendations based on member needs, desires and requests.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend at least 50% of scheduled Board Meetings. If absent, a summary report of Regional SCSHP activities shall be reported to the Board.

  • Represent interests of regional pharmacists, technicians and health-system members to the Board.

  • Provide feedback, input and insight into all Board matters

  • Facilitate public relations, feedback and communications to and from membership.

  • Facilitate transition into office for newly elected Regional Board Members

  • Statewide member recognition activities to include nominations (as a group) of at least two pharmacists and two technicians for annual society awards (due annually in December)

  • Develop and maintain list of practice sites and key contact members in each regional area

  • Regional Board Members will contact members periodically by any means necessary

  • Regional Board Members will maintain an active list of all Directors of Pharmacy and Hospitals/Health Systems in their regions

  • Regional Board Members are encouraged to actively contact the various Directors of Pharmacy in their regions quarterly by any means necessary.

  • Nominate regional members for Board of Director officers, committees and Society roles to increase membership participation in society activities and broaden SCSHP representation.

  • Participate, perform and coordinate ASHP/SCSHP grassroots public relations in assigned region.

  • Increase membership in assigned region. Identify strategies to increase membership. Contact and recruit potential new members. Perform follow-up contacts to non-renewing members to determine reasons for non-renewals and contribute to strategies to decrease non-renewals.

  • Regional Board Members will be acting persons of the Membership Committee

  • An active list of members will be in their possession

  • Renewal membership forms will always be available from the Regional Board Member

  • Provide support for education