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Communication Committee: 

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing, updating and monitoring SCSHP's communications policies, social networking accounts, website, email communications and news, as well as recommending new ways for the Society to communicate with its members and other interested parties through alternative media.

Education and Networking Committee:

The Education and Networking Committee's purpose is to ensure that SCSHP Member's needs are addressed so that health-system pharmacists, technicians, residents and students enhance their roles within the health-system profession through education and communication.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee:

The Legislative Committee is responsible for developing consensus recommendations about State legislative activity including legislation, annual appropriation legislation, Administration initiatives, and regulatory matters.

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee's purpose is to collaborate with committees and membership, Board and staff on key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.

Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee administers the association's recognition and awards program by researching and soliciting nominations from the membership and then recommending to the Board prospective award nominees and selections.

Student and Resident Affairs Committee:

The purpose of the Student and Resident Affairs Committee is to provide broad oversight and guidance to promote a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages student academic and resident success, growth, and personal development.

Professional Affairs Task Force:

the Professional Affairs Task Force is to study issues associated with health-system pharmacists, technicians, residents and students as they relate to pharmaceutical education, and to establish and improve working relationships with all other organizations in the field of health affairs.

Vendor / Exhibitor Task Force:

Vendor / Exhibitor Task Force is an advisory board that consists of health-system pharmacists and technicians who act as the voice of SCSHP and assist the society with the planning, management and evaluation of vendors and exhibitors.


  Membership Committee
  Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee
  Education and Networking Committee
  Awards Committee
  Student and Resident Affairs Committee
  Communications Committee
  Vendor and Exhibitor Affairs Task Force
  Professional Affairs Task Force