Poster and Platform Presentation

The SCSHP Annual Poster & Platform Presentation Session is held in conjunction with the SCSHP Annual Meeting. These sessions will provide practitioners, residents and students the opportunity to share their research and practice experiences in both written and verbal formats.

Students, Members and Colleagues,

We are excited to host the poster and platform presentation session of the SC Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Meeting. This year's meeting details available at

Practitioners, residents and students are invited to submit abstracts of 300 words or less for consideration for poster/platform presentation. Abstracts will be blindly reviewed by independent reviewers from across the state on the basis of innovation, originality, clinical relevance and research design. Encore presentations, research-in-progress, case presentations, and descriptions of novel practice or educational approaches are welcome. Students, posters presented at ASHP Midyear (or elsewhere) are welcomed!  Detailed author instructions are attached.

Three submissions will be selected for 15-minute platform presentations. Additionally, the top abstracts will be selected as "Best Poster Finalists" with the winner awarded at the Annual Meeting. You will also be asked to upload your abstract. Abstracts should be uploaded in Microsoft Word or PDF format. The deadline is January 20.

 Questions regarding the submission process can be directed to Lauren Linder Wier ([email protected])  or Samantha Hill Eachues ([email protected])

Interested in serving as an abstract reviewer?

Interested in serving as an abstract reviewer or best poster judge for the SCSHP Annual Meeting? We need you! Interested persons will be asked to review and score approximately 8 to 10 abstracts during the last 2 weeks of January, using a standardized rubric. These scores are used to decide platform winners and acceptance for presentation at the annual meeting in March.  Serving as an abstract reviewer does not require extensive research background or a position in academia, only that you are a licensed pharmacist and have participated at some level in a quality initiative or research project. 

Best poster judges (3 in total) will be asked to visit designated poster finalists during the Annual Meeting in March and interact with the presenting authors. Using a standardized rubric, you will score each of the posters and select a winner for the annual "Best Poster Award" given on Thursday evening at the reception.

If interested, or for questions about the service in either of these opportunities, please email  Lauren Linder ([email protected]The deadline for response is December 30th.

View the Author Guidelines for SCSHP Annual Meeting Abstracts here 


South Carolina Society of Health System Pharmacists

**Sample Abstract Submission**

Poster and Platform Presentation Sessions

Project Title: Evaluating the effect of population base volume of distribution and estimated glomerular filtration rate models on elimination rate constant (Ke) in predicting serum vancomycin concentrations


Primary/Presenting: William M. Parker, PharmD Candidate

Co-Authors (limit 5): S. Scott Sutton, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID); P. Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVE

 Institution(s): South Carolina College of Pharmacy, Columbia, SC

 Primary Author category:

X      Student      Resident      Practitioner

Encore Presentation (Previously presented or published)

 X      Yes            No

 If yes, please include meeting/date of previous presentation: ASHP Clinical Midyear

Meeting and Exhibition held December 6-10, 2009

 Check one:

X      I wish for this abstract to be considered for platform presentation

         I do NOT wish for this abstract to be considered for platform presentation

 *Please attach to abstract submission


  I wish for this abstract to be considered for platform presentation
  I do NOT wish for this abstract to be considered for platform presentation